Mickey Mantle's 49
Z8 #888
850 CSi #12
850 CSi #169
'73 2002 tii
'71 Buick Riviera
'66 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
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Thank you for visiting our Internet site.  I'll be using this site to post pictures of our classics and those of our friends.  We'll also use this page to link to some of the better sites and forums on the web for classic car collectors.

In the meantime you can reach us at jon@aslgroupllc.com if you want to submit suggestions or even send us pix of your car(s) for the site.  This is really just for fun. 


Jon Shevelew


The following are great links for BMW owners:


The above link, and this one below are great for 8 car owners:


The link below is ideal for BMW Z8 owners: